Transformed by Fitness


In 2010, I was tipping the scales at 230lbs (my heaviest weight ever); I was told that I would soon need medication to lower my cholesterol; I regularly had to ease out of bed, off the couch, or from any position in which I had been immobile for longer than 20 minutes due to severe tendonitis and heel spurs....I had to do some...thing different!! I decided that I needed something structured and fun, so I joined Premier Fight Center, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai school. After about a year of regular, but not quite consistent, training, I was feeling better but had only lost about 15lbs. It was not until I went to an event at which the fight team was competing that a change occurred....I realized that I wanted to fight, but to do that I would have to drop a significant amount of weight. I was a bit discouraged, but with the encouragement of my coach and his belief in me.....I decided that I was going to lose the weight. The transformation had begun!!!!


That was February 2011. I made adjustments in my diet and trained hard consistently, and the weight began to fall off........And then.....I was injured during training (torn meniscus), requiring surgery and for me to sit down for 3 months....but the transformation was already in process and I was committed to it.


About me

I returned to training in August of 2011 and competed in my first amateur Muay Thai fight in February of 2012 at the weight of 165lbs. I now fight at 155lbs and in 2014, plan to compete at 145lbs. Now, I have been an athlete at heart for as long as I remember, and have a genuine love and fascination for the movement and make up of the human body. I have a BA in Psychology from UVA. My career has been in youth behavior management and counseling. I have always held positions in which I was able to incorporate physical fitness and activities in working with the youth. I have been the go to person amongst friends and family for fitness advice, and began to consider becoming a fitness forward to May 2013, the foster care agency I was working for was forced to close, providing me with an opportunity and time to pursue certification as a fitness trainer. The decision was made and in April I was officially certified as a fitness trainer through the ISSA, and in 2014 will pursue a Master's Degree in Sport and Exercise Science.

I am now blessed to be able to share my victory and help others achieve victory of their own!!! Transforming lives through health and wellness starts with a change in the mindset. Accept what is. Overcome what was...Prepare for victory!!!!